Project Overview

Anson Resources Ltd is an ASX-listed exploration company with a highly prospective graphite project in Western Australia and shares in highly prospective gold and lithium projects in Nevada USA.


The Company’s primary focus is to expediently develop the Ajana graphite project in Western Australia. The global graphite market was valued US$15.06 billion in 2014 ( and is expected to double within the next eight years. The major drivers behind this growth is the increasing use of graphite in batteries (electric vehicles, smart phones, tablets etc), the steel industry (for example as a liner for lades and crucibles to hold molten metal) and the automotive industry (brake pads, cylinder heads, clutch materials etc). It is also being increasingly used in other industries such as power generation, conductor and electronics industries.

Graphite is also used to produce graphene “the world’s next wonder material”. Graphene is an allotrope of carbon, essentially a one-atom thick layer of graphite. Its weight and shape makes graphene desirable for uses in computer chips, laptops, optics and lasers etc.

Graphite is a highly valuable commodity and its unique physical and chemical properties make it difficult to substitute.