The Hooley Wells Nickel-Cobalt Laterite Project is located 800km north of Perth and 300km east of Geraldton in Western Australia. The granted tenements, E9/2218 and E9/2219, contain historical shallow drilling which has intersected nickel and cobalt laterites. Associated with these laterites high grade chromium values.

Erong Hill near Claypan Bore consists of a siliceous cap rock over an ultramafic intrusive body which is probably part of a layered igneous intrusion. From past work it appears that this body has intruded an amphibolite.

To the north there is exposed Archaean Gneissic Terrane to the Earabiddy Shear zone which runs along the Camel Hills Belt.

Around Erong Hill the ground is mostly covered by transported Quaternary alluvium/colluvium with some small lateritic horizons and little exposed outcropping bedrock geology.

Figure 1: Simplified interpreted geology of Hooley Well.

HAC002 AC 0.02 4m @ 0.02% Co from 32m
HAC003 AC 0.104 33m @ 0.041% Co & 0.5% Ni from surface incl. 4m @ 0.104% Co from 0m
HAC004 AC 0.11 22m @ 0.061% Co & 0.97% Ni from surface incl. 4m @ 0.11% Co and 1.4% Ni from 16m
HAC005 AC 0.052 32m @ 0.028% Co & 0.45% Ni from surface incl. 4m @ 0.052% Co from 4m
HAC009 AC 0.014 22m @ 0.011% Co from 4m
Line5E_2800mN RAB 0.034 2m @ 0.034% Co from 10m. Hole ended in mineralisation
Line5W_2400mN RAB 0.056 27m @ >0.021% Co (selective sampling) from 5m incl. 2m @ 0.056% Co from 30m
Line5W_2350mN RAB 0.038 1m @ 0.038% Co from 5m
Line5_3400mN RAB 0.044 2m @ 0.03% Co from 14m, 2m @ 0.044% Co from 18m
Line5_2450mN RAB 0.072 12m @ 0.028% Co from surface; 2m @ 0.072% Co from 14m, 2m @ 0.048% Co from 18m
Line5_2400mN RAB 0.05 5m @ 0.031% Co from 1m incl 1m @ 0.05% Co from 3m