The Ajana Project is located in Northampton, Western Australia, a proven and established mining province for zinc, lead, silver and graphite.

The project is situated within the graphite prospective historic mining centre of Ajana. The tenements, E66/89 and E66/94, and E66/100 (under application) are located 130kms north of Geraldton and on the North West Coastal Highway.

Highlights of this project include:

  • 100% ownership of the 222km² exploration licences.
  • Four Regional Prospects
    • Mary Springs (rock chip/Mullock samples)
    • Walcott (reprocessed historic EM targets)
    • Geraldine, and
    • Warribanno
  • Jumbo flake (>300 microns)
  • Rock chips up to 42%TGC
  • High grade metamorphism with hydrothermal alteration
  • Graphite schist within a Proterozoic Gneiss

In April 2017, Anson completed its first RC drilling program at its 100% owned Ajana project. The small drilling program showed a graphitic rich clay horizon (surface to 25m) and a graphitic schist below that with graphitic grades increasing with depth.

Graphite mineralisation intersected at Mary Springs North included:

  • 30m @ 2.3% TGC from surface (up to 4.1% TGC)
  • 5m @ 5.5% TGC
  • 3m @ 4.8% TGC
  • Shallow mineralisation similar to previously tested samples at Mary Springs, 1.5km to the south:
  • Average floatation concentration value of 94.1% TGC
  • Spherical graphite purified to 99.7% TGC

The prospective ground contains occurrences of graphite schist within a Proterozoic gneissic geology. The Ajana area is dominated by the Proterozoic gneiss with conformable lenses of meta-sediment, pelitic gneiss, meta-quartzite, mafic gneiss and graphitic schist known as the Northampton Metamorphic Complex. This gneissic geological environment, typically hosts high grade graphite deposits in Western Australia and graphite deposits worldwide.

 Rock Chip Sampling

Rock chip sampling has returned encouraging graphite assay results. The samples submitted which consisted of 40 – 50% by volume of graphite were collected at the Ajana regional prospects.

Mary Springs Rock Chip Sample


Research work carried out has shown that:

  • Pristine sheets of graphene could be produced, particularly, single layers;
  • The graphene has shown to be uniform and defect free;
  • Ajana graphite is said to be of very high quality resembling a highly ordered pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) profile.