Corporate Overview

Anson Resources Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange under the code ASN and is focusing on developing projects to supply minerals and chemical products to the lithium ion battery industry, particularly focused on the opportunities created by the rapid growth of the electrical vehicle and battery storage markets.

Anson’s flagship project is its Paradox Brine Project in Utah, USA for which Anson is developing an industrial scale in-field pilot plant to produce lithium carbonate for supply to lithium ion battery cathode manufacturers.

Anson is aiming to fast-track the Paradox Basin Project into production to meet the growing demand for lithium ion batteries. Recently developed technology is being utilised in the Paradox Brine Project to improve the economics of the extraction process and to reduce production time of lithium carbonate.

In addition, Anson is assessing the recovery and processing of other minerals to produce additional chemical products from iodine, bromine and boron also contained in the brine at its Paradox Brine Project. The recovery and processing of these minerals would provide multiple revenue streams for Anson.